May 19, 2021 • 47M

Some Kind Of Heaven

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Michael Tracey
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Bit of a break from regular programming here — sorry if you were expecting another scintillating essay on Israel/Palestine. But for the first time, watching a movie motivated me to track down the director and interview him about it, in hopes that I could encourage more people to watch. The movie is called Some Kind of Heaven and it’s a documentary that defies any easy description. Ostensibly, it’s about The Villages, a massive retirement community in Florida that’s become well-known as a political flashpoint given the strident support for Trump there. But the movie isn’t overtly political, thank God — which is actually a good way to gain genuine insight into the political/cultural dynamics of The Villages. I really recommend watching the documentary, which is available on Video On Demand and most recently, Hulu. In this occasional edition of my Substack-hosted podcast, I chatted with the director, Lance Oppenheim.