"But… hold on a second. Malinowski had written in plain English that the “practical implications” of Biden calling for Putin’s ouster were “inescapable.” What exactly are those “inescapable practical implications,” if not that Putin must be removed from power? What other inference could possibly follow from Malinowski’s statement? For all his accomplishments in the illustrious field of “strategic communications,” there seemed to be a major disjuncture in this particular commutative effort. So I asked Malinowski again for clarification, but he glided off into the crowd for more awkward selfies and stilted chit-chat."

This must be what foreign policy wonks call 'strategic ambiguity.'

Thank you for this article. This kind of journalism is, absurdly, very unusual - that someone will ask a powerful person about their foreign policy views in specifics, rather than platitudes.

What a damming indictment of the country, that these two individuals are the best that an affluent congressional district has to offer. These two preening non-entities playing Napoleon as the world stands on the brink of disaster. It's far too serious to be even darkly comedic.

This Congress cannot remain in power. By this I will not be ambiguous - we need to vote in serious, considered people for whom foreign policy isn't a source of easy soundbites and big donations, but instead a sober and realistic calculus of the American interest and humanitarian concerns.

Anyone know anyone like that? Is there one in your district?

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"So it’s at least nice to know that despite his extensive array of exceedingly high-status credentials — Rhodes Scholar, Ford Foundation, White House, State Department, Congress — Tom Malinowski is about on the same intellectual level as the internet trolls." A wonderfully written closing, but it's not nice to know, unless "nice" now means terrifying.

I have no real idea what's wrong with Democrat politicians these days. I don't know if they are stupid or have had a psychological break with reality. But they think the world is a Hollywood script and as long as you're cast as the good guy (though viewers might disagree about whether or not you're actually the good guy), nothing bad can happen. So men like Malinowski can basically reduce the Ukraine war to a lapel pin, a slogan, and billions in armament making his military donors happy and he thinks nothing bad will happen because that's not the way it's written.

And people like Malinowski and Schiff (and even Adam Kinzinger) don't want a free press; they want a "free to be owned" press, meaning they want to protect the "press" from accountability from people who want more than just a propaganda machine.

Thank you for another great article.

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Wow, love your pieces Michael, you had us rolling on the floor at "...solidifying his claim to have collected a prize-winning assortment of bullshit job titles in DC." You're a man for the times, like HST. Please keep it up, and godspeed.

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It is tragic how stupid and short sighted our leaders are. Thank you for trying to interact with these morons. I loved the “bullshit” job titles line. I suppose we will continue this crazed foreign policy until we get our ass handed to us. Sad.

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“Choice is on the Ballot”

Gotta laugh at the hypocrisy of Democrats who want to campaign on my body my choice and democracy after years of mandated medical experiments, working class crushing lockdowns and censorship of critics for funding Nazis in Ukraine.. makes you wonder if they actually believe their own BS because they won't listen to anything but their true blue echo chamber.

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Looks like a choice between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Let's hope that new congressmen such as Joe Kent can inject some reason and reality into the new Congress.

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GG tweets – extracted ~Nov 2 period https://twitter.com/ggreenwald

Note the intensity of Glenn’s activity despite a serious health emergency in his family

• (re-tweet) unusual_whales @unusual_whales

JUST IN: Treasury Department officials have begun looking into whether they have the legal authority to start an investigation into the Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase because of Musk’s ties to foreign governments and investors, per the Washington Post.

Everybody knows exactly why this is happening.

• One day after a major story from @lhfang and @kenklippenstein proving the US Govt and Security State are directing Big Tech on what to censor, the #2 Senate Dem tries to radically restrict what "free speech" means in a way that contradicts all 1A caselaw:

Senator Dick Durbin @SenatorDurbin –“Free speech does not include spreading misinformation to downplay political violence.”

• By the way, one day after this massive story about the US Govt directing Big Tech censorship was published by a Dem-friendly site, with a popular left-wing figure as one of the reporters, neither CNN nor MSNBC invited them on, and no Dem politician has mentioned it.

Why is this?

• 2015, BBC: "Meet Twitter's second biggest shareholder, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal"

If DC Dems want an excuse to investigate Musk's purchase of Twitter on "national security grounds" because he won't censor for them, they'll need a better excuse.

• Also, few things are more darkly hilarious than Dems pretending to be so deeply concerned about Musk's involvement with Saudis when it's the US Government that is single-handedly responsible for propping up the Saudi regime with arms and surveillance tech

• Americans are being conditioned -- by "journalists" of all people -- to believe it's immoral or mentally ill not to immediately and uncritically accept whatever institutions of authorities claim.

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald weighs in on the Paul Pelosi attack: "Skepticism itself can never be wrong ... Even if evidence does emerge later on to prove it, the skepticism itself was not just valid, but necessary."

• To this very day, you can read articles in liberal corporate outlets branding as "conspiracy theorists" anyone asking about Nuland's comments - same for those who questioned claims about COVID vaccine efficacy and mask mandates, or *any* claim that the US Security State issues.

• The US corporate press is trying to train Americans to believe the first and most solemn duty of citizenship is instantly accept whatever institutions of authority tell you to believe. No wanting to see evidence, no noting contradictions: just happily recite what you're told.

• Rather than obey France's censorship order, Rumble turned its services off for France and will sue. But France should have no right to impose its censorship laws on the world.

• This is why I'm so proud to be working more with Rumble and why I believe in their free speech commitment. The easy thing to do would be to obey French politicians and remove anyone foreign governments demand. Rumble would rather lose France then submit to them.

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Thank you !!

There is a DIRECT connection between Russia-gate hoax concocted by St. Obama, Biden and Hillary and provoking capitalist Russia’s “Putin's war” by relentless NATO expansion.

The SAME lying team representing the US bipartisan War party.

Democracy and freedoms have left US – censorship is now nearly TOTAL; far worse than in Soviet Union 50 years ago.

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Nov 2, 2022·edited Nov 2, 2022


What will this phase, and these specific instances of propaganda and intimidation, seem like to a society 50 years from now? I have to believe we're going to grow past this, perhaps necessarily after a near-armegheddon scare.

Also, why do some of us expend so much cognitive energy, trying to 'figure out' why we haven't been contacted by intelligent aliens if they exist? It should be obvious.

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Thank you. Stylish.

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It should be pretty clear to those paying attention that the US is at War with Russia. It is a planned War. Long-planned (ref: Victoria Nuland). The US intentional War against Russia in Ukraine is almost completely supported at every level of the Federal Government. Congress overwhelmingly approved funding it, and in so doing Declared War formally -if you fund it, you approve it. All hands are on-deck and the propaganda is flowing freely. Same as the War on Covid, which was the dress rehearsal.

It all would be executed roughly the same had Trump won in 2020.

If a dirty bomb explodes in Ukraine, it's likely to happen before November 8.

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Magnificent -- I am glad to be a subscriber. I hope those corrupt “representative” criminals will be voted out.

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Thank you Mike, Article was very informative.

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MT tweets – extracted ~Nov 3 period https://twitter.com/mtaibbi

(Another precious and timely tweets on our life in US democracy – Matt Taibbi just in less than two days)

• After every tragedy opportunists start proposing we outlaw video games or Marilyn Manson albums or, now, right-wing tweets.

We’re the world’s biggest weapons producer a dozen times over and I don’t ever hear proposals to stop that — nope, it must be tweets inspiring violence.

• The writer Isaac Babel once said the Soviets had taken away "but one right—the right to write badly." It's not free speech unless you protect the right to say things the majority finds reprehensible, toxic, incorrect.

• There's a long list of unprotected speech forms, from libel to incitement to threats to perjury, fraud, and so on. Most are narrowly defined and handled via litigation. We've never had a centralized MinTruth judging something amorphous and broad like "misinformation."

• The 2020 Iowa Caucus was the key disaster here. Tiny state, no result after 16 days, and even the New York Times was asking “WTF?” Instead of realizing quick results are essential to voter confidence and fixing the issue, we’re being asked to accept longer counts.

• I thought Biden was doing a decent job of selling “saving the guardrails of democracy,” but as you say, there was a major record scratch late in the speech.

Telling people in advance the results will take a long time, when the polls look dire, will massively increase paranoia

• Re-tweet -- Walter Kirn @walterkirn: That speech tonight was not a campaign speech. It did not have any real persuasive value or political intent. It was a speech specifically meant to manage and mold expectations about the vote-counting process.

• Even if I knew exactly what happened at Pelosi’s place I wouldn’t be blaming it on a lack of censorship. By that standard we should be wiping out the White Album to stop future Mansons or Blink 182 to prevent Columbines, and so on. Don’t you ever get tired of these arguments?

• If you don’t understand that free speech has to include things you personally consider odious, you don’t really believe in it.

• Either you’re being intentionally obtuse or you really don’t get it, but current law doesn’t come close to allowing prohibition of any post-factum speech downplaying the Pelosi attack. The standard is, you can ban someone saying, “Go in the house and hit him with a hammer.”

• Durbin is wrong here, and he surely knows the real standard for prohibiting speech (incitement to imminent lawless action), so the real question is why a Democratic Senator is going out of his way to incorrectly redefine what free speech means.

• I’m looking forward to a new episode of "TK Live" with to talk about "Truth Cops” With Ken Klippenstein" tomorrow at 3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT. Join us!


• Very strange — for the second time, I discovered Twitter believed I’d muted

@thomaschattwill, though I never did. Related to that weird de-verification episode somehow maybe? Anyone else have that happen, with anyone?

• I read the article. The premise is ludicrous: because Glenn disagrees with U.S./neocon policy, he loves Putin. Just like the New Yorker “Bane of their Resistance” piece, it assumes something must be wrong, an evil pathology at work, when actually — he just disagrees with you.

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The entire political system is rubbish! Have you heard Biden's "messaging"? Preaching "don't be violent, folks!" "Condemn what leads to the violence" etc etc. WHO EXACTLY IS THAT MESSAGING FOR? His base and his voters are NOT the ones to be directing that messaging to! And the GOP, LOL, ivy-league news flash: they're not interested in Biden! Of course, the swamps ivy league political strategists KNOW THIS. So what gives?

The entire Murican political system is ...how shall we call it....corrupt. Both parties take money from the same sources. Only the acting jobs on the outside remain. There are no progressives, no left, no liberals. Just sleep walking people.

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I'd consider Putin over the current dems; the dems version of autocratic rule is detestable in comparison. Heck, without all the western interference in their economy, Russia might become a wonderful place.

I would venture that 'inescapable practical implications' means, in part, padding the coffers of the war machine donors to the swamp pols in DC.

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