This is reminiscent of Europe sleep walking into WW I with millions slaughtered. The uniparty is a corrupt, evil, war hungry group. We need America First Patriots to stand against this tide. We should aggressively pursue peace.

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That we really only have one party printing two sets of t-shirts is evident in so many ways. This is just one. But thank you for the article. As George Carlin said (I paraphrase), when both sides agree, get ready for an extra good screwing.

And I don't really mean to be so glib. The lack of diversity of thought and principle among these people is driving this country to ruin and resulting in all the craziness. When you're not actually willing to solve real problems (like supply chain issues, the dominance of the security state, corporations, and the military industrial complex), you get wars over pronouns, abortions, CRT. The body is dying of cancer, and we're being told to focus on pimples.

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‘’ nor was raising concerns about the specter of nuclear war considered contemptibly “cringe.”

Not sure how anyone could be so stupid as to dismiss the nuclear threat when provoking a war with Russia but in terms of messaging they are safe because nobody will be around to tweet ‘’I told you so, you stupid woke jackass’’.

I wouldn’t be hyping Russian roulette with nukes unless I had a spot reserved in a luxury underground bunker. And no your moms basement doesn’t count.

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PS: Dugin daughter was very active in researching Azov crimes in Mariupol. Perhaps she was the likely target or both Dugins were.

Dugin targeted as US-Ukraine shadow wars expand – Aug 23, 2022

https://youtu.be/IBO9UElgi5I – Outstanding Grayzone interview


A very interesting 2017 interview of Alexandr Dugin by Alex Jones


I have never before seen Alex Jones actual video. This one contains demented short videos of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, symbols of DNC corruption – one can see why the bipartisan US War party hates and fears Alex Jones.

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"while Sweden is abandoning the precedent it has adhered to since the reign of Napoleon"

Funny thing about that, the current Swedish royalty can trace it's inception to one of Napoleon's Marshalls (Bernadotte) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Bernadotte

When he told Napoleon of the offer and asked for his permission, Napoleon retorted only if he promised never to attack France. The Marshall countered as a Sovereign he should be free to excersize his foreign policy as saw fit. Napoleon agreed with him and gave his blessing.

In the fifth colation against Napoleon, Sweden led by now King Bernadotte joined the rest of Europe against France.

I know no one cares (my wife reminds this constantly) but I can't help share.

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The NATO Nazis aren't going down without a fight. They can add all the North Macedonias, Finlands, Estonias, and Latverias (that's where Dr. Doom lives) they want. It doesn't matter. The BRICSIA nations will, and are already, eating NATO's lunch.

The BRICSIA countries have 80% of the world's population, they don't buy into the "climate change" "Green Energy" hoaxery, and they aren't afraid of being called a bad name by some blue haired barrel shaped SJW pronouns: Xir / Xirself on Twitter.

They won't go down without a fight, so you see cloddishness like this going on. Maybe if they send billions to Ukraine, and raid the Amish organic farms, thing will improve:


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Isn't that it though? You want change, they tell you to vote. But there's no one to vote for if you want to end the war(s). Somehow, ironically, many of the issues addressed in the inflation reduction act would be better solved if we simply canceled the pentagon.

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Aug 25, 2022·edited Aug 25, 2022

This is very true. Both major party establishments in DC are dedicated to looting the treasury in the name of things that sound appealing but are complete lies in the end, like "preserving democracy", "national security", or "improving healthcare/schools/housing". The reality is that none of them give a damn about anyone not part of their special little cartel of grifters, thieves, and mass murderers.

St. George of the Seven Dirty Words described it best when he said, "It's a big club, but you ain't in it."

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In summary --- Stands with Russia -- it fights for all of us against corrupt fascist imperial US bipartisan War party.

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We're doomed! What a bunch of idiots we have representing us in Congress.

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Wow - THANK you !!!

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Career politicians are a mess. It would be great to see small business owners, police officers, fire-fighters, and other such types who are in their mid 50s run for office, serve 10-12 years and get out.

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I’m 12 days Bernie will be 81 years old. Imagine having such a solid record on foreign policy for so long than selling out right before you kick it.

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“Today, there is functionally just one “side,” with politicians flocking in unison…”



Another insightful piece….terrific!

My only complaint (a small one) is that the period you placed in the sentence quoted above didn’t appear after the word “unison”.

That would reflect reality….

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