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Kamala Harris Has Shockingly Little "Democratic" Legitimacy

Republican Convention, Day Three: Divine Intervention

Republican Convention, Day Two: "America First," if by "America" you mean "Israel"

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This is very bad

"Project 2025" is just "Project 1981"

Gavin Newsom says Joe Biden should have sole authority over the nuclear codes at age 86

I asked a Democratic Congressman if Biden should be in charge of the Nuclear Codes at age 86. As you might suspect, he really, really didn't want to answer

Uh, What About The Nuclear Codes?

Trump Being A "Convicted Felon" Does Not Magically Make Him A Mortal Enemy Of "The Establishment"

Never Forget That Donald Trump Snookered His Own Voters To Pass Ukraine Funding

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I just went to one of the first legal psilocybin mushroom clinics in the United States

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A brief personal note on pro-war credulity

The frenzy to ban TikTok is another National Security State scam

American politicians are "honoring" Navalny by brazenly misrepresenting his views

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Inside the mythical NATO-sabotaging version of Trump hallucinated by David Frum

The idea that Trump will undermine NATO conflicts with everything Trump actually did while he was in office

Responding to criticisms, and the Senate "national security" bill

The war in Ukraine is a giant disaster and Putin should not be valorized for it

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