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Newsflash: Republicans Are Largely Faking Their Opposition to Ukraine War “Aid”

Congressman Can't Answer Simple Question About His Own Bill, So Accuses Me of Working for the Russian Government

It's Official: "Progressives" Confirm They Are 100% Aggressively Pro-War

"The US and the Holocaust" Documentary by Ken Burns is "Revisionist History" Designed to Foment Support for Nuclear War

Yes, Americans Overwhelmingly Opposed US Entry into World War II

A Fairy Tale Version of World War II is Being Used to Sell the Next World War

Democrats and Republicans Pretend They Have Massive, Unbridgeable Differences So They Can Unite Seamlessly on War

"America First" Hawks Admit US Weapons in Ukraine are Plunging Down a "Black Hole"

Introducing the World's Fakest Journalist

The Fakery of the NATO Summit, continued: Joe Biden's Fake Press Conference

The NATO Summit: a Historic, Triumphant Exercise in Media Fakery

After the Abortion Ruling, How Will the Media Decide Who's Morally Intolerable?

Surprise! The Texas Shooter and the Ukraine Military Get Their AR-15s From the Same Place

Nazis Are Actually Fine Now, According to the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League

Why Won't They Say Who Funded These Ukraine Ads?

Elon Musk Conquers Twitter, and France

Anatomy of a Bogus “Disinformation” Smear

Watch Out, Vlad! Here Comes the British Invasion

The UK is Trying to Drag the US into World War III

Ukraine War Frenzy Proves: It’s Still John McCain’s GOP

State Department Secrecy: Sinister, or Pointless? A Brief Parlor Game

"The Adults in the Room" are Always the Most Colossal Screwups

The Ukraine Border is Ground Zero for Profiteers and Spooks

Unfortunately, Displaced Ukrainians are Calling for World War III

American Foreign Fighter Says He Was Injured In Russian Air Strike

Why Democrats Demand Collective Punishment Against Russian Civilians

Poland Asks: Is the US Ready to "Close the Sky"?

NEW REPORT: US Military Personnel Have Entered a "War Time" Posture

Ukraine is Trying to Goad the US into World War III

Note to Readers: I'm Going to Poland

Escalation Alert: Is NATO Fighting in Ukraine Right Now?

Why Wouldn’t the US Negotiate With Putin?

What I Got Wrong About the Invasion of Ukraine

Newark, NJ Ditched Its “Vaccine Passport” After I Told the Mayor Nobody Was Enforcing It

“Crazy” US Media Coverage is a Bigger Threat to Ukraine than Russian Invasion, Ukraine Parliament Member Says

If World War III Happens, You Can Thank Russiagate

Yep, They're Still Riding the "Omicron" Wave...

"You Heard It Here First..."

"Don't Look Up" at the Hollywood Schmucks

Please Shut The Hell Up About January 6