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Government Officials Using Phony "Emergency Powers" To Impose Vaccine Passports

COVID "Bullshit Jobs" Are Driving Everyone Crazy, Including TV Crews!

“Progressive Prosecutors” are Invoking “Terrorism” to Expand State Power and Advance Their Political Ambitions

How the Biden Family Gets Away With an Enormous Amount of Sleaze

How AOC "Emotionally Manipulated" The Entire Democratic Party To Do Her Bidding

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US Government Kept a Ludicrously Irrational COVID Ban in Place for Months and Months, but Media Bashes the Supposed Irrationality of Private Citizens

Unprecedented Abuse Of Power: What The Media Still Isn't Telling You About The Cuomo Debacle

COVID Gives Joe Biden A Permanent Excuse To Stay Hidden

The Intercept Fabricates A College "Censorship" Story

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The Fakest "Whistleblower" Ever

Media Activists Unite In Rage Against The Two People Temporarily Impeding The Democratic Party’s Agenda

Due Process — And Normal Social Relations — Are Being Destroyed By COVID Snitching Culture

Academia Is Establishing A Permanent Surveillance Bureaucracy That Will Soon Govern The Rest Of The Country

In Connecticut, The New "Permanent Emergency" Surveillance Regime Suffers A Temporary Blow

Lockdown Chronicles: Why I'm Going To Connecticut College

There's An Insane "Australia-Style" Lockdown Happening Right Now In The US

Welcome To Hegemonic Decline — It Ain't Pretty

British Melodrama Over Afghanistan Withdrawal Masks Their Own Impotence And Irrelevance

In Massive Propaganda Onslaught, Media Ignores The Real "Catastrophe" Of Afghanistan

Ignore The Fake "Experts" — The Real "Catastrophe" In Afghanistan Was Always The War Itself

What The Media Hasn’t Told You About The Cuomo Debacle

Reader Email: "Vaccine Hesitancy" Is A Class Issue

“DC Guantanamo Bay”? Attorney Alleges Torture Of Jan. 6 Defendants

Media Promotes Fake “Vaccine Hesitancy” Narrative To Justify Coercion And Scolding

In Radical Affront To Civil Liberties, The Government Is Branding Non-Violent Jan. 6 Defendants "Terrorists"

"Misinformation" Means Whatever Those With Censorship Power Want It To Mean

Democrats And Republicans Unite To Demand US Invasion Of Cuba

“A Big Money Funneling Operation” — Afghanistan Vet Reflects On Withdrawal Of US Forces

Political And Media Class Solemnly Commemorates Six Months Of Overwrought Whining About January 6

Due Process Is What Makes America Great

Bill Cosby And The Incoherence Of American Liberalism

A Funny Thing Happens When You Mention Record-Breaking Homicide Rates

American Politics Is Turning Into A Bad Rerun

"Fighting The Power" When You Wield State Power: The Story Of Juneteenth

Jon Stewart, The High Priest Of Cultural Liberalism, Reprimands His Flock

Kitchen Worker Not Wearing A Mask Properly? The Nuisance COVID Fines That Have Crushed Small Businesses

When Journalists Declare In Unison That Something Has Been Debunked, Assume The Opposite Is True

Soliciting Your Story Ideas

Unsurprisingly, COVID Testing For International Travel Is A Bit Of A Scam

"What I've Learned" Since The Death Of George Floyd

Short Respite

Some Kind Of Heaven

The Most Ardent Practitioners Of "Identity Politics" Are "Pro-Israel" Advocates

“America First” Conservatives Declare: “Actually, We Meant Israel First”

New Documents Show Police Charged Thousands Of People For Petty COVID Violations

As New Evidence Emerges For COVID "Lab-Leak" Theory, Journalists Who Screamed “Conspiracy” Humiliate Themselves

CIA Embraces Left-Wing Ideology, Leftists Deny That This Is Happening

Media Activists Do Not Care About Historic Nationwide Surge In Homicides

One Year After George Floyd, Minneapolis Is “Murderapolis” Again

These Robotically Similar Reactions To The Derek Chauvin Verdict Will Inspire You

Why Media Liberals Have To Lie About “Cancel Culture”

Biden Blames Russia For The Exact Same “Interference” That US Corporate Media Is Guilty Of

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How To Spot Psychobabble Fads

Profiles In Journalistic Courage: Marlow Stern of the Daily Beast

"Traumatized" Journalists Are Now Declaring Themselves A "Marginalized" Group

Journalists Are “Centering” Their “Trauma” Because It Enables Them To Acquire Power

Yes, There Is Such Thing As Gender Identity Ideology, And Saying So Is Not "Violence"

How Boomers Ruined Everything

How The Censors Won

Why Journalists Hate Substack

Officially decamping to Substack-land

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